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[PHOTOS] Paramedic Fired After Posting Selfies With Dying Patients, Calling Them “Morons”

Just like school bus drivers shouldn’t take selfies of themselves drinking and driving, paramedics shouldn’t take selfies with dying patients.

25-year-old paramedic Tatiana Kulikova learned this lesson the hard way. The emergency worker has been fired from her job after it was discovered she uploaded senseless selfies of herself posing with ailing patients, some of whom died after the inappropriate pics were taken.

Kulikova’s shocking selfies have outraged locals who had family members featured in her grim gallery.

Tatiana-Kulikova-middle-fingerNot only did she take pictures with sufferers in their time of need, she also tagged them with heartless captions like “another moron” and “how I hate my job.” In one photo, she can be seen flipping off a patient who appears to be unconscious.

Health officials are obviously disgusted by Kulikova’s behavior.

“It is clear that while she was taking these photographs she was not looking after her patients,”local health campaigner Artem Golubev told reporters. “She shows a callous disregard for the welfare of her patients, some of whom died after those pictures were taken…I would not be surprised if their families sue both her and the emergency services.”

Tatiana-KulikovaA spokesman for the city’s emergency services said: ‘As soon as we were alerted to these images online we suspended the paramedic in question. After an investigation was carried out, the employee was fired.’

Kulikova has made no comment following the incident but as the adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

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