WHY Would A School Suspend A Girl For Advocating Abstinence And/Or Condoms In Sex Ed Class?

Someone was teaching this young girl the right way to handle herself when deciding to express her own sexuality, and it wasn’t the school she attended. Actually, she was suspended for the answers she wrote on a test in her Sexual Education Class. But I think her parents, loved ones and most of the nation thinks she passed the test with flying colors and was wrongfully disciplined. What do you think?

This BuzzFeed post featured photos of the test she took and the answers she gave.

The assignment asked students to write out possible responses to a list of objections people might give for not using condoms.





The girls was 14 years old at the time time of taking this test, and displays more maturity and common sense than most adults. Yep, sure. I’m quite sure educators felt the need to punish her. What do you think?

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