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Muslims Just Made It Almost Impossible To Buy Bacon At Target, This Is Crazy

Now they are getting nasty…

photo credit Supannee Hickman /

photo credit Supannee Hickman /

Next time you shop at Target, think twice about which line you get in if you’re purchasing bacon.
Fueled by religious beliefs against pork, many Muslim cashiers at Target are refusing to ring up products containing pork. According to Fox News, some Muslim cashiers have asked coworkers or even customers at times to scan the pork items. Some are refusing to touch alcohol as well. This photo is an example of the inconvenience this is causing Target customers.


Customer service at its finest, huh? I sure hope this didn’t cause longer lines for the non-bacon-bashers.

Due to Muslim beliefs that conflict with the requirements of Target cashiers, the company has introduced policies that comply with their non-tolerance of pork and alcohol. Target is offering the Muslim cashiers gloves as they check out products or the option to change positions at the store.

Hopefully this means customers can go back to bringing home as much Miss Piggy as they want without any inconvenience.

Source: qpolitical

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