College Kids Buy $20 Used Couch, Find A Massive Hidden Treasure, Then Make An Incredible Move!

What would you have done?

When three college students found $40,000 cash stuffed inside an ugly thrift-store couch, they decided to find the owner and return the funds.

The couch was originally purchased from the Salvation Army for $20 and sat in their apartment for months before the discovery, reports WABC-TV. Then one day, they decided to figure out why the sofa was so lumpy. “There’s a zipper on the bottom, and he pulled out a bag, and we said it’s either drugs or money, and we freak out and it’s a stack of hundreds and fifties,” one of the roommates, Lara Russo, told WABC.

While most people probably would have kept the money, the three roommates unanamously decided to give it back. “It wasn’t a debate, we immediately reached a consensus that this is her money,” student Reese Werkhoven said.

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