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Goldman Sachs Fires Female Banker After Learning What She Did During Her ‘Film’ Career

Did they have a right to fire her over “movies” like this?

A female banker in Japan, is out of a job after her employer learned that her past included appearances in several adult movies.

Minamoto participated in several adult movies while attending college. After she graduated, she found a job as a banker in Tokyo.

However, her past violated the bank’s code of ethics and the job of her dreams slipped through her fingers.

People close with Minamoto, revealed that the woman wanted to starr in adult movies because she was curious about the industry.

Goldman Sachs terminated an informal employment agreement with a woman after the firm found out she went by the name of “Shizuka Minamoto” in her “film” days prior to applying to Goldman according to Tokyo Reporter. Minamoto appeared in numerous adult films during her first and second years of college, and each DVD that was made touted Minamoto’s intelligence, noting on the cover that she has an IQ of 130. Apparently that IQ was good enough to land a job offer from a Goldman Sachs branch in Japan, albeit briefly.

As Minamoto began job hunting, she was nervous about her prior endeavors and sent cease and desist orders to the video sites that were illegally uploading her films to try and minimize who would be viewing them. However, the ex-porn star got caught when someone called Goldman and pointed out Minamoto’s past.

A representative from Goldman Sachs Japan said the company “was reluctant” to offer comment on the matter. However, a person with knowledge of the case said that as a result of a close examination of Minamoto’s history, “the results revealed a violation of rules of employment regarding one’s private life. That led to the cancellation of the job offer. So it does not seem the termination was directly connected to the adult video appearances.”

Source: Youtube, WorldWideWeirdNews

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