Mark Cuban Drops An Endorsement On Hillary, Though The Name He Drops On Trump Is Making Headlines

This is the craziest, most bizarre endorsement I have ever seen…

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, has been slamming Donald Trump and singing the praises of Hillary Clinton for months, so his formal endorsement on Saturday came as no surprise.

But the name he dropped on Trump might have surprised a few:

“You know what we call a person like that in Pittsburgh? A jagoff.” Is there any bigger jagoff in the world than Donald Trump?”

He traveled to his hometown to appear with Hillary and running mate Tim Kaine, where he also said of Trump:

“Leadership is not yelling and screaming and intimidating.”

Cuban, whose net worth is $3.2 billion, according to Forbes, explained — kind of — why he supports Hillary for the presidency:

“I am ready to vote for the American Dream. I am ready to tell the world that I am here to endorse Hillary Clinton.”

The owner of the Mavericks, quite a maverick, himself, said he “thought there would be an opportunity there” with Trump, but “then he went off the reservation and went bats**t crazy.”

“The Cubes” began by saying “hello” to Trump in Russian and bragging that his own show, “Shark Tank,” “kicked ‘The Apprentice’s’ ass.”

Billionaires and testosterone. What a combination.

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