9/11 Moment Of Silence Forced To Moved Up Because Obama Was “Impatient” – 3%

9/11 Moment Of Silence Forced To Moved Up Because Obama Was “Impatient”

Obama really showed his colors yesterday morning when officials reportedly moved up the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial service because Obama was getting restless and wanted to do something else. He just oozes inspiration, doesn’t he?

According to The Daily Caller:

A moment of silence remembering the September 11 victims at a Pentagon memorial service began early in order to accommodate a restless President Obama, a Department of Defense official told The Daily Caller.

 A source close to the situation told TheDC that Obama arrived early to the memorial service — which took place at the Pentagon — and wanted to get things started early.A Department of Defense official confirmed that the moment of silence was moved up a few minutes and that Obama was the one who made the decision, saying the president “moved early.”

The moment of silence was originally slotted to take place at 9:37 AM — the time at which the Pentagon was attacked on September 11 — but ended up taking place a few minutes early.

After the moment of silence, President Obama gave a speech about the need to honor the 3,000 victims of September 11.

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