A Whole Bunch of People Went Skinny Dipping in Freezing Water This Weekend & We’ve Got the Pics to Prove it

Skinny dipping is usually something you do as a dare as an adolescent, but in Britain people went out in droves to “liberate” themselves.

Record-breaking numbers of naked adults peeled off their clothes for the epic North East Skinny Dip on Druridge Bay, in Northumberland.

The nude masses took the beach by storm at dawn.

One brave lass who was persuaded to join in the event last year described the experience as “liberating” and “peaceful”.

Ellen Headingly, 45, said: “I didn’t want to do it last year.



“It isn’t something I ever thought I would enjoy at all.

“But I managed to do it in 2015 and absolutely loved it.

“It was very peaceful and liberating.

“It’s quite a strong experience and I wanted to come back and do it again.”



H/T: Daily Star

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