Black Lives Matter Thug Goes On Shooting Rampage, Leaves Written Note Behind

The ambush turned in to a chase, then police found the note…

Two Philadelphia Police Officers and five civilians were shot in a senseless anti-cop rampage last night.

19-year police veteran Sylvia Young was ambushed in her car by a suspect who shot her eight times. Most likely, her bulletproof vest saved her life.

The thug went on to shoot a security guard and even fire into a moving car as he was being chased. Reportedly, the shooter even used a female as a human shield, eventually shooting the woman in the leg.

Once the terrorist thug was cornered, a shootout ensued, and Police Officer Eddie Miller was also shot. Eventually, police overcame the gunman, ending his life. Officer Miller and Young were taken to the hospital and are said to be in stable condition.

Watch the video report below:

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said that a note from the suspect was found at the scene. The note said that the person “hated police and probation officers.”

Reportedly, police are on the lookout for a second shooter.

This violence was senseless, and we are praying for the officers, the victims, and their families.



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