BOMBSHELL Evidence Proves Hillary’s Health Report Was Faked, Doctor Speaks Out

The lies are now exposed, one by one…

The Clinton Campaign, and many in the media, would like to move past the health discussion. Unfortunately, for Hillary and her minions, the issue continues to escalate.

Dr. Milton Wolf has revealed the many discrepancies in Hillary’s recent health report, and shares his findings on Twitter.

Dr. Wolf also made some interesting observations just prior to the release of the report.

He laters goes into the fine details of the actual report, released by Doctor Lisa Bardack.

He also has some choice analysis regarding Hillary’s fall on 9/11:

Lastly, Dr. Wolf takes on the primary claim of Hillary’s doctor, the admission of pneumonia.

So the questions are there. The evidence is there. Have we heard the last of the Hillary health issue, or is it just getting started?


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