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UPDATE: Shots Fired On Michigan School Bus, Gunman On The Run

One student has been hit. Police continue their search for the gunman.

UPDATE: Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Beal says that the female bus driver acted bravely and admirably when a gun was fired on her bus.

The student was sent to Henry Ford Allegiant Health for treatment.

Police continue to search for the gunman, who is still on the run.

Earlier today, we reported:

A gunman opened fire on a Michigan school bus this afternoon. A 17-year-old student was hit in the arm and is being treated.

The bus was outside of Wilson Academy alternative high school. Jackson Deputy Police Chief Elmer Hitt says that the student should be ok and that the gunman is on the run.

The gunman is not thought to be a student of the school, though police believe that the gunman and the student that was shot know one another.

Investigators think they know who the gunman is, though the student is not being cooperative at this time.

Wilson Academy was on lock down for some time and another bus was sent to retrieve the other students.

We are following the story and will provide updates as we have them. Hopefully this is a one-time event for the school.


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