“Clock Kid” Makes Disgusting Tweet On 9/11 That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Remember Clock Kid? I bet you wish you don’t…

He’s the genius who brought a fake bomb to school to scare everyone and then yelled Islamophobia when people were concerned.

His plan worked as this stunt got him to meet President Obama.

Well, here are the ridiculous things he had to say on 9/11:

And there is more:

From Allen B. West:

After five minutes of research, I found the total estimated civilian death toll from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to be between 141,868-153,436. A reminder of the harsh reality of war for sure, but a far cry from two million. If we look just at the war in Afghanistan, we get a civilian death toll even further from two million, of 26,270. Ahmed’s father is a 9/11 truther, but it’s unknown if the son shares those views.

What a classy move right? As you can probably expect, twitter reacted with disgust:

Well I think its been made pretty clear, this kid just wants attention. He will do whatever it takes to get a rise out of the masses. Let us hope we never have to hear about him again.

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