CORRUPT Judge Rules Hillary’s Emails Released AFTER Election Day – 3%

CORRUPT Judge Rules Hillary’s Emails Released AFTER Election Day

This ruling is outrageous! What is in those emails that make them so important? We deserve to know before election day.

A Federal Judge has set a new timetable for the release of recently discovered emails from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Many are outraged, as the controversial emails will not be released until November 4th, just a bit late for those who want the truth prior to the Election.

Judicial Watch President Tom Litton, and his organization, are furious at Judge Boasberg’s ruling.

“This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with,” he said.

Of 15,000 total messages, just over 9,000 have been deemed “personal,” and will not likely be included in the ongoing investigation. 5,600 messages are said to be work-related. Each message is reported to be about 1.8 pages in length.

Judicial Watch is a plaintiff in a lawsuit that attempts to gain access to Hillary’s messages. They believe that the public deserves to know the content of these messages, and they are correct. Many believe that the Obama Administration, of course, is aiding Hillary by bogging down the investigation.

This comes as no surprise, as we reported earlier, as President Obama exchanged emails with Hillary, on her private server, using a pseudonym or fake name.

This entire ruling raises another interesting question. If Hillary Clinton is declared President in early November, and these emails in question reveal damning evidence against her, will she be impeached.

Probably not, if Judge Boasberg has anything to say about it.


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