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Famous Pic of Refugees Exposed as Massive FRAUD – Look What They Cut Out

With the onslaught of the refugee crisis, a photograph emerged which gained iconic status as the media pushed it in order to pull at the heartstrings of sensitive liberals.

However, the gravity of the photo has now been called into question, as the un-cropped version has surfaced.

Here is the original image:


It claims to show the plight of Middle Eastern refugees on a daily basis, as they appear to be floating in the middle of a vast body of water and fighting for their lives in the photograph.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Zoom out just a tad and you will notice a man standing upright in what looks to be no more than about three feet of water.


No need for the mass hysteria, or the life jackets, for that matter…

H/T: World News Politics

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