French Authorities Locate Car Packed With Explosives Front Of Notre Dame, ISIS Responsible

Daily Mail

A radicalised French woman who wanted to run away and join ISIS is in custody in Paris today after abandoning a car packed with gas cylinders close to Notre Dame Cathedral.

The suspect – who is 29 and on a terror watch list – disappeared with her boyfriend, aged 34, early on Sunday morning.

This was when her Peugeot 607 was found with its lights flashing in a no-parking zone in Paris’s Rue du Petit-Point, across the River Seine from Notre Dame, at 7.30am.

 There were seven gas canisters inside – promoting fears of a terrorist attack on the ancient place of worship, which is high on a list of ISIS targets.

Despite being in the heart of tourist Paris, the suspect vehicle had been left untouched in the no-parking zone for a full two hours before the alarm was raised by someone living nearby.

‘It may have been that they were on a test run,’ said a source close to the case, who added: ‘There was nobody in the car, and the cannisters were not connected to any detonator or explosives.’

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