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Full Testimony Of Witness To Violent Bill Clinton Alleged Rape Scene Released

On scene nurse: “And the thing I think I remember most is that her mouth was all swollen up. It was cut. … Her pantyhose were all ripped…”

Norma Rogers, a nurse, recounts the disturbing details she discovered at the Camelot Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. Norma found Juanita Broaddrick in her hotel rome after a allegedly being raped by Bill Clinton. At the time, Broaddrick was a nursing home administrator and volunteer for Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign.

Broaddrick has stated publicly that Bill Clinton offered many times to meet with her to discuss “the industry,” and finally she agreed to meet with him at a coffee shop. Just prior to their meeting, Clinton called her to say that the coffee shop was crowded, and that he would like to meet in her hotel room.

According to Broaddrick, the violent event occurred there.

In the following radio interview, Nurse Rogers recounted what she says she saw upon entering the room.

I went back to the room and I can’t remember if it was because she didn’t come down to the meeting because I expected her to have a short meeting and then come to the meeting. And so I went back up to the room and when I went back into the room and she was just very, very upset. She was crying.

And the thing I think I remember most is that her mouth was all swollen up. It was cut. And she just told me. She started then telling me the story of how he had just basically overtaken her and bit her lip in order to keep her quiet and to keep her from trying to leave or get away from him. And then she proceeded to tell me that he had pushed her onto the bed, and had raped her.

Her pantyhose were all ripped. And she was just in a terrible state. Crying and just, she began telling me, you know, what had happened.

But in the meantime she was starting to get her things together and she said we are leaving now. And you know we just started getting our stuff together and I drove her home.

Asked whether Broaddrick’s lip was bleeding, Rogers replied, “There were obviously open spots where he had bitten her. It was open but not openly bleeding. You know it was just open spots on her lip.”

Here is the full audio of the interview:

Asked what she can remember of the drive back from the hotel, Rogers stated, “I just remember that she cried most of the way home. And she kept just questioning herself. ‘Why in the world would, you know? Why would I have ever trusted him.’ But you know she just did not ever think that he would do anything like that. She never suspected that he was interested in her other than her qualifications and her knowledge of long-term care. So it was totally surprising to both of us that this happened.”

Rogers said she believes Broaddrick was in a state of shock and blamed herself for allowing Clinton into her hotel room.

The following video reveals more information from Broaddrick herself:

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