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Moments After NY Bombings, Hillary Tries to Ban “Offensive” Word – There’s Just One Problem

Like little scripted robots, Hillary followed it well. One second she calls the explosion in NY a “bombing” then says we should wait till we have more information before using that term, when questioned about Trump’s response. Besides the fact that she looks like she is going to pass out, it really is laughable she can’t keep the narrative straight on her own.

Hillary will do anything to make herself look better than Trump, even if she looks like an idiot apparently.

The Last Refuge had this to say:

In under a minute you can see/hear an audio visual demonstration showing why the vast majority of Americans just laugh at journalists in the 2016 presidential campaign.


A well sedated Secretary Clinton begins her remarks (00:28) by saying:

“I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, as well as the attack in Minnesota”…

Note the emphasis: “briefed about the bombings“.

However, seemingly oblivious to the fact Secretary Clinton just said “bombings“, Hillary’s traveling press pool asks the very first question 40 seconds later (01:08) which was:

“Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, prior to taking the stage tonight, called the explosion tonight a bomb, and if that’s an appropriate term”?

Watch here.

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