Debate Rules Issued, Hillary Must Go Without 1 Thing for 90 Minutes – 3%

Debate Rules Issued, Hillary Must Go Without 1 Thing for 90 Minutes

The rules for Monday night’s debate have been released and they spell very bad news for Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic nominee has been having some serious issues with her health lately – she has coughing fits, faints occasionally and cannot even stand for prolonged periods.


Clinton needs to take a seat in the middle of a rally.

Thus far on the campaign trail, Hillary has been able to hide many of her medical issues; some believe she has even used a body double.

But on Monday night, she won’t be able to employ any of her usual tactics.

Hillary will not be allowed any breaks should she suffer one of her notorious coughing fits. “There are no commercial breaks,” revealed a commission source, adding that Clinton will have to “power through” if she has any health mishaps.

The debate will consist of six segments, each running directly into the last, and lasting for fifteen minutes each. This means Clinton will have to make it for 90 minutes without faltering.

Not only this, but she has been denied the use of a stool by her podium, meaning she will not be able to sit at any point.

This could be a real disaster for Hillary Clinton, but it sure will be fun to watch!

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