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Hillary’s Beauty Queen Supporter Revealed In Sex Tape

Hillary’s new best friend, the former Miss Universe, is trying to paint Trump as demeaning to women. Turns out her past includes a hidden camera sex tape as well!

Former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, is making the news circuit as a Hillary supporter and Trump hater. She is following the standard Democrat party line, in particular, the one that asserts that Trump hates women, is a misogynist, etc…

So now she is a Hillary Clinton supporter, bashing Trump at every opportunity.

Her new found “15 minutes of fame” is not all sunshine for her, though, as her criminal past has come to light. Reportedly, a Venezuelan Judge says that she threatened to kill  him in a case where she had been named as an accessory to murder.

And then comes the sex tape.

A video is sweeping the Internet. A hidden camera video at that.

She was filming a reality show called La Ganja and somehow the steamy footage leaked online. She was engaged to Philadelphia Phillies baseball star Bobby Abreu at the time. It is no surprise that the couple broke up.

In the tape, Machado can be heard moaning and making a number of x-rated comments.

Renewed interest in Machado appeared after she posted a photo of herself, holding a Passport, with the caption,  “I received my passport. I’m ready to vote for my country and for you Hillary Clinton.”

The video can be viewed on youtube, or found here or here.

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