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ISIS Celebrates Holiday With Disturbing VIDEO, Slaughters Men & Boys Like Animals

These men and boys are accused of being spies. Truly sick.

ISIS has released a sickening new execution video to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Also known as the “Sacrifice Feast,” the holiday is a celebration of biblical figure Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son like a lamb to Allah.

Taking a cue from Abraham’s actions, the video shows members of the extremist group hanging prisoners upside down from meat hooks and butchering them like sheep.

The victims are accused of being U.S. spies before their murder at a slaughter house in Syria.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Titled “The Making of Illusion,” the video features prisoners in orange jumpsuits being killed by their masked captors. The prisoners included bound men and boys in a slaughterhouse who were systematically dragged one-by-one to a floor drain where their heads were cut off half-way. After the blood was drained from their bodies, the victims were hung upside down from meat hooks.

The video is graphic, and done using modern, high-tech methods. Given that this piece of ISIS propaganda is addressing espionage, they used a number of scenes featuring Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible.

Some of the following is graphic in nature, though it has been edited a bit.

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