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Kaepernick Spits In The Faces Of Americans Again With What He Is Seen Wearing

Since Kaepernick’s protest took place, a flurry of reports are coming out proving the attitude he is displaying has been going on for some time. Just today a new report is coming out showing photos of Kaepernick with anti-police socks at training camp. Apparently, this sentiment has been brewing in him for some time.

According to Daily Snark:

Colin Kaepernick has made his stance clear. The 49ers quarterback won’t back down regardless of the thousands of critics including fans of his own, fans around the NFL, and most recently, NFL executives who have seen they would never sign him.

Kaepernick says and as shown he will continue to push the issue of oppression, racism and police brutality in this country, which has extended from the off course infamous sitting during the National Anthem, to wearing Malcolm X and Fidel Castro apparel, to now wearing anti-police socks to practice.

The socks depict pigs wearing police hats…


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.56.01 PM

We found a version of the pair online:


The San Francisco Police Department have released statements showing their disgust in the quarterback for his actions against the police force and flag.


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