[WATCH] Fox Personality Under Fire for What She Said About “Black Men” on Live TV – 3%

[WATCH] Fox Personality Under Fire for What She Said About “Black Men” on Live TV

You can’t tell the truth in America anymore without facing consequences.

Conservative columnist Katie Pavlich learned that the hard way when she appeared on America’s Newsroom and aired her opinions on what is happening with the black community in “inner cities.”

From MRC Blog:

Liberals are calling for Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich to be banned from the network for a comment she made on Monday about African-Americans who have been shot and killed by police.

According to Western Journalism, Pavlich was appearing as a guest on America’s Newsroom along with liberal David Goodfriend. While discussing the high number of blacks who are being killed by other blacks in the inner cities, Pavlich said, “And by the way, it’s not that — police aren’t shooting innocent black men. And when they do, they’re held accountable for it.”

“What? Did you just say police are not shooting innocent black men?” an incredulous Goodfriend asked her. “Did you just say that on national television?”

“This narrative, this narrative that you continue to push, this hands up bogus — ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ bogus narrative that came out of Ferguson, which was proven false by the Department of Justice,” Pavlich replied, sticking to her guns.

She then flipped the script on Goodfriend by accusing him of promoting an agenda based on misinformation given to the public.

“You are pushing a narrative that is false and that doesn’t do anything to solve crime in the inner cities and to prevent African-American men from being shot by each other,” she said.



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