LIBERAL IDIOTS: Gun Control Would Have Stopped Islamic Bomber – 3%

LIBERAL IDIOTS: Gun Control Would Have Stopped Islamic Bomber

Even though the bombs used by a Muslim terrorist in New York and New Jersey were made utilizing readily available materials such as Tannerite, black powder, Christmas-light fuses, and cell phone detonators, liberals still seem to believe that more gun control could have prevented the attack.

As usual, it’s all the Republican Party’s fault.

Just take this statement from Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), for example:

“Republicans have seen multiple opportunities come and go to bring forward and pass bipartisan legislation to prevent terrorists from buying firearms and explosives, closing the so-called terror gap loophole. All of which have been defeated by the Republican majority. Congress still spends so much time and energy debating whether a bill would’ve stopped the last attack that we lose sight on how we stop the next attack. This bill, as well as bipartisan background checks, will stop dangerous people from getting their hands on the weapons of war.”

Harry Reid went one step further, calling Republicans “the only reason” terrorists are allowed to buy guns in the first place.

Meanwhile, the background checks the left is so fond of have never foiled a terrorist’s plot… But it’s all the GOP’s fault…

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