[WATCH] Teacher CAUGHT Performing LEWD SEX ACTS on 7 Underage Boys – 3%

[WATCH] Teacher CAUGHT Performing LEWD SEX ACTS on 7 Underage Boys

An Arizona yoga teacher is facing 18 separate charges after getting drunk at a young boy’s bar mitzvah, flashing her new boob job, and performing oral sex on a 15-year-old at the party. 34-year-old Lindsey Ann Radomski let boys as young as 11 fondle and lick her breasts at the event, reports Right Wing News.

Though it appears to be yet another clear-cut case of a sex-crazed teacher taking advantage of underage boys, Radomski’s lawyer Jacques Blackwell is arguing that his client is the real victim, saying she was drugged by an 18-year-old at the party. “A woman that’s incapacitated can’t consent to any sexual contact, any sexual assault,” said Blackwell, adding that he believes it was actually Radomski who was raped by the teenage boys.

If that excuse sounds totally bogus to you, that’s because it is, and the police aren’t buying it. According to MRC Blog, they say that after most of the guests had gone home from the bar mitzvah, Radomski let seven boys between the ages of 11 and 15 fondle her fake breasts. Two days later, she admitted to police that she flashed some other guests at the party, but claimed she was too drunk to remember anything else. She later changed her story, announcing that she had been date-raped.

Now, Blackwell says that because “Ms. Radomski has no memory of what happened in that room,”  it never happened at all. He’s waiting to see how things shake out in court, but matters aren’t looking very good for his client. Authorities did find trace amounts of the date-rape drug GHB in her system, but the levels were no higher than what would naturally occur in the human body.

If Radomski is convicted, she could spend over six months in jail and face three years of probation. Tell us what you think of her case in the comments section.

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