Hillary Clinton CAUGHT Using “Major Loophole” to “Rig” the Election – 3%

Hillary Clinton CAUGHT Using “Major Loophole” to “Rig” the Election

Donald Trump was scoffed at by liberals when he said Hillary Clinton might rig the election, but the Democratic nominee is looking for any way to stack the deck in her favor, especially now that her rival is beating her in major national polls.

It seemed odd when Clinton closed out the summer months with more campaign contributions than Trump – the billionaire businessman’s supporters are far more committed and enthusiastic – but we now know where Hillary got her money, and as usual, it isn’t exactly on the up and up.

Hillary Clinton is above the law, though. We’ve seen time and time again that the rules don’t apply to her. She is responsible for the deaths of Americans overseas; she took contributions from foreign governments during the time she was Secretary of State; she gravely endangered national security by using a private email server… You can be sure that the millions her campaign is raking in using a shady loophole doesn’t cause her to lose any sleep, nor will she be held accountable for it.

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