Major League Player Suspended SEASON For Anti-Obama & BLM Comments – 3%
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Major League Player Suspended SEASON For Anti-Obama & BLM Comments

Take a look at his comments. Does he deserve to be suspended for an ENTIRE SEASON? And Kaepernick and those clowns get nothing?

Doesn’t this piss you off, even just a little bit? All the garbage going down in the NFL with players and teams and now nationwide in highschools disrespecting the national anthem, FOR Blacklivesmatter. …and nothing happens to them, because it’s their right.

Statement from Steve Clevenger

“First and foremost I would like to apologize to the Seattle Mariners, my teammates, my family and the fans of our great game for the distraction my tweets on my personal twitter page caused when they went public earlier today. I am sickened by the idea that anyone would think of me in racist terms. My tweets were reactionary to the events I saw on the news and were worded beyond poorly at best and I can see how and why someone could read into my tweets far more deeply than how I actually feel.
“I grew up on the streets of Baltimore, a city I love to this very day. I grew up in a very culturally diverse area of America and I am very proud to come from there. I am also proud that my inner circle of friends has never been defined by race but by the content of their character. Any former teammate or anyone who has met me can attest to this and I pride myself on not being a judgemental person. I just ask that the public not judge me because of an ill worded tweet.
“I do believe that supporting our First Amendment rights and supporting local law enforcement are not mutually exclusive. With everything going on in the world I really just want what is best for everyone regardless of who they are. I like many Americans are frustrated by a lot of things in the world and I would like to be a part of the dialogue moving forward to make this a better world for everyone.
” I once again apologize to anyone who was offended today and I just ask you not judge me off of a social media posting. Thank you and God bless everyone.”

Steve Clevenger

While those in support of BlackLivesMatter continue to put our first responders in dangers, loot our businesses and beat up whoever they want…and still have DC releasing statement that support them.. like “we feel your pain” …

This man gets severe consequences for simply unleashing his frustration in the form of words on social media.

Sometimes I really hate this planet…and this is one of those times.


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