WE FOUND HER: Meet Teresa Barnwell, Hillary Clinton’s Secret Body Double

The internet has been exploding with claims that Hillary Clinton is using a body double for public appearances when she is too sickly to get the job done herself. And until now, they were just that – claims.

But we appear to have found the woman masquerading as the Democratic nominee, effectively taking the story from “conspiracy theory” to “campaign-ending bombshell.”

Meet Teresa Barnwell…

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Barnwell appears to be the woman who exited Chelsea Clinton’s New York apartment on Sunday just hours after Hillary had a health scare…

As one man who watched the video noted, “There is no way the Secret Service would let [Hillary Clinton] walk out onto the streets of New York and not be surrounding her.” They would be “fired on the spot” for allowing a child to run up and embrace her without first being frisked and cleared, he added.

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You can read more one that particular incident here.

And then there’s this, from Teresa Barnwell’s own Twitter account…


Liberals will dismiss Teresa Barnwell as another strategy devised by conservatives to sabotage their golden girl, but Hillary won’t be able to hide from the truth for much longer… The DNC is already mulling over potential candidates to replace her should she be forced to drop out of the race due to her failing health.

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