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Muhammad Ali’s Ex-Wife Gives Colin Kaepernick Some Important Advice

Liberals have tried to defend San Francisco 49s quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s disgraceful snub of the American flag and national anthem by comparing him to legendary boxer and activist Muhammad Ali, but that analogy has officially fallen flat like a tire.

The reason was because of what Ali’s ex-wife Khalilah Camacho Ali told TMZ this weekend.

What he’s doing right now is not heroic,” she bluntly stated, adding that he needed to apologize for his disrespectful behavior, since spitting on America did absolutely nothing to help those whom he believed were disadvantaged.

Camacho Ali also maintained that if Kaepernick wanted to make a genuine difference, then he needed to think long and hard about exactly how he intended to do so.

“I would love to meet with him or talk to him on the phone to help share his message in a better way,” she said. “The first thing I would do is ask him about his stance on humanity … What exactly is he trying to improve, and how is he going to make that happen?”

Simply put, the NFL star needs to stop acting like a petulant child and start behaving like an adult. Grown-ups do not resolve problems by pitching fits; they do so by devising meaningful strategies — and Ali’s ex-wife offered to help Kaepernick do exactly that.

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