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What Happened SECONDS After Debate Ended Proves it Was RIGGED

Millions of Americans tuned in to watch Donald Trump debate Hillary Clinton on Monday night, and since then, many have noted that it appeared to be rigged in the Democratic nominee’s favor, with moderator Lester Holt saving all of the tough questions for Trump and catering towards Clinton.

Now, we have even more proof that Hillary cheated…

At the 1:36:05 mark in the footage below, a mystery man can be seen walking up to Clinton’s podium as the debate ended, collecting paperwork, and then walking away. A few seconds later, the same man, most likely an assistant of Clinton’s, is seen crossing the debate stage and nodding at Holt, as if to say, “Thank you for helping Hillary out.”

Who knows what those papers were or what the mystery man said to Holt, but no one from the Trump camp rushed to suspiciously remove anything just moments after the debate wrapped up.


This came after Holt repeatedly cross-examined and fact-checked Trump, while not even once challenging a single thing Clinton said throughout the entire 90 minutes.

“And there wasn’t a hard-hitting question to the Democratic nominee on any of her controversies whether it be Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or the e-mails,” noted NewsBusters contributor Geoffrey Dickens.

Do you think Monday night’s debate was rigged in Hillary’s favor? Have your say in the comments section!

H/T: MRC Blog

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