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News Anchor Announces Breaking News Of Hillary Clinton’s Death

Is this man’s reality going to come back to haunt him?

Oh no. This news anchor is certain to have heard from his superiors for this blunder.

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton had very public bout of illness. Her supporters and detractors were equally invested in her health and finding out what had happened. ABC7’s Joe Torres did not make that easy for New Yorkers watching the evening news.

“We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death,” he announced at the top of the hour before he and Sandra Bookman plowed on into the discussion on Clinton’s sickness.

Maybe was thinking “passing out” and someone uttered words that meant “passing on?”

Okay. Just to clarify for everyone, Hillary Clinton is not dead. She is alive. She makes her own public appearances. She is very much alive, well, and still the Democratic nominee for President.

Carry on.

Watch this massive news blunder below. The show continued as if nothing had gone wrong! Keep reading beneath the video, as it turns out the anchor was reading the teleprompter!

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer contacts the news station to ask them directly about this bizarre statement and give them the chance to clarify what happened. Was this a prank in the office, a mistake made by someone on the teleprompter, or perhaps a report that wasn’t yet supposed to be released? Turns out it was teleprompter all along.




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