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Officer Does The Unexpected For Woman With Cancer After Neighbor Complains Of Her Yard

A police officer in North Carolina went above and beyond the call of duty when he took it upon himself to help a woman sick with cancer mow her lawn. The officer decided to help the poor woman out by instead of giving her a ticket for violating city ordinance, he chose to go home and bring a lawn-mower back to her house to do it himself.

According to Fox Carolina:

GASTONIA, NC (AP) –¬†A North Carolina woman battling cancer expected the worst when two police officers showed up at her home in response to complaints from neighbors that her grass was up to 3 feet high in some places. What she got instead was help.

The Gaston Gazette reports 55-year-old Sonya Champion had a broken lawnmower and mounting health bills.

Sgt. Bob Battle and Officer Kevin Murphy from Gaston County Police went to Champion’s home in Mount Holly. But instead of writing a citation, Murphy went to his nearby home, changed out of his uniform and came back with his riding lawnmower to cut the grass himself.

Champion said she couldn’t do anything but cry at Murphy’s kindness last Sunday. Murphy said he believed it was the right thing to do.

This is just another example of how police officers impact our lives in a very positive way. Many of them are truly out there to protect and SERVE.

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