One State Moves to Remove Trump From Presidential Ballot – 3%

One State Moves to Remove Trump From Presidential Ballot

Minnesota is the focus of a new controversy thanks to some  sloppy politics. Democrats are seeking to kick Donald Trump off the ballot due to electors “violating state law” behind closed doors claiming they put his name on the ballot illegally.

According to Politico:

Minnesota Democrats are taking steps to kick Donald Trump off the state’s ballot, arguing that the Minnesota Republican Party improperly put Trump’s name on there.

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin filed a legal petition with the state Supreme Court looking to remove Trump from the ballot.

This is the petition filed by the Minnesota DFL with the Minnesota Supreme Court to remove to the names of Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence from the ballot in Minnesota for the general election on November 8, 2016.

“The Minnesota GOP did not elect to elect alternate presidential electors at the state convention earlier this year. After being notified that they had failed to provide the names of alternative electors by the Secretary of State’s office, Republicans decided to appoint alternate electors in a closed-door meeting rather than electing them. This is violation of state law,” the Minnesota DFL’s statement reads.

The move follows a minor kerfuffle in August when Trump and running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s name were initially absent from the state ballot. The Minnesota Republican Party scrambled to provide the state secretary of state’s office the necessary paperwork, and it seemed the situation was resolved when Trump’s name was officially listed online.

However, Michael Brodkorb, a former deputy Minnesota Republican Party chairman, pointed out on Twitter that the Minnesota GOP’s rules don’t allow for such a fix, as the DFL’s suit also argues.

“Last night #MNGOP ‘appointed’ alternate electors to fix problem – BUT this isn’t allowed in #MNGOP constitution – so we have a mess,” Brodkorb tweeted.

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