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People Are Paying $43 For 1 Martini Because Of Bizarre Ingredient

Would you pay $43 for a martini? Probably not. But what if it had genuine San Francisco fog in it? Still a no on that? Because it’s condensed water and how do you even bottle it? And even if it is bottled, what’s the point? Congratulations, that’s the correct answer. For some, however, $43 for a fog martini is reasonable, and so they’re paying.

Epic Steak, a restaurant in San Francisco recently added the martini to its menu, made with Hangar 1 Fog Point vodka. “I kept it really classic,” Nick Henry, beverage director for the restaurant tells CBS, “with vermouth, garnished with a lemon twist.”

The reason for the insanely high price tag is that the vodka is that it’s tough to make. It takes an entire day to harvest a few cups of the fog, and therefore they can only get about 600 liters a season. There just isn’t enough of the vodka to go around, so it’s sold at a premium.

Henry says that he only sells a couple of them per week, and that he “knew it would be a niche drink.”

When asked what menu item one should order when drinking this most exclusive of martinis, Henry says you should order “a good steak.” Incidentally, the restaurant sells a lot of those too.

[featured image via Instagram/@hangar1vodka]




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