Philadelphia Eagles Disgusting Protest Plan For Monday Night Football – 3%

Philadelphia Eagles Disgusting Protest Plan For Monday Night Football

Instead of exclusively targeting the National Anthem, these spoiled millionaires are going to disrespect those that protect them…

The Philadelphia Eagles are planning their own protest in their upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears. Malcolm Jenkins, their top defensive player, is leading the charge.

While I commend them for doing so, unlike many of their counterparts such as Colin Kaepernick and the Miami Dolphins, both of which openly disrespected American Heroes on 9/11, the Philadelphia Eagles are inevitably going to be dishonoring those heroes who selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice that day anyway. The national anthem and our flag represent those sacrifices. It does not matter what day the song is played.

Malcolm insists that their protests are unrelated to the flag and the national anthem.  “It has nothing to do with this country or the flag or the anthem.” Really it’s just to continue to push forward the conversation about social injustice. And that’s… a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities and education.”

So Jenkins is a professional football player, and a millionaire, and he is whining about social injustice? Police brutality?

The Philadelphia Eagles protest plan comes on the heels of a shooting in their own city, one where Police Sergeant Sylvia Young, and University of Pennsylvanie Officer Eddie Miller were shot, multiple times, in Young’s case.

And what of social injustice? These men are rich, and the supposed brutal social injustice in America did not prevent them from becoming so.

These rich athletes should be careful. Many believe that the #BoycottNFL movement is going to hit them in their paychecks. Consider these recent ratings numbers:

Opening week ratings were down between 17% and 25%.

What about Thursday Night Football? reports:

With the final numbers in, the 8:27 – 11:37 PM ET simulcast game drew 15.4 million viewers on for the House of Moonves and the NFL. That’s a drop of 27% from the TNF viewership high of last year’s season opener on September 17. That 2015 game started off the second season CBS has had the franchise. This year’s game was the top show of the night on broadcast and cable.

Among the key 18-49 demo, the Jets vs. Bills game snared a 5.4/21rating. With adjustments, that’s a 42% rise from the fast affiliate demo numbers of early today. On the flipside, the CBS demo result of last night took a 29% hit in the ratings from the TNF season opener of last year. In fact, viewership of last night’s game is not just down from last year’s TNF opener but from the audience of 16.9 million that the second TNF on CBS of 2015 got.
Jenkins, the Eagles, and others in the NFL should be careful in bringing too much attention to supposed “injustice.” They may just bring about a version of it that is their own doing with no one else to blame.
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