PHOTOS Capture Hillary’s ‘UnderCover Nurse’ Treating Her Prior To Collapse – 3%

PHOTOS Capture Hillary’s ‘UnderCover Nurse’ Treating Her Prior To Collapse

Most everyone has seen the video of Hillary collapsing on 9/11. Now photos show what her Mysterious Nurse was doing just prior…

In case you have not seen the infamous collapse video, here it is:

Another Twitter user, Handcuff Hillary, reported another interaction that some are saying is a common neurological test.

Zach Haller reports the words “Squeeze my fingers” were uttered during the test, though this has not been confirmed by another source.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 6.33.28 AM

To be fair, video (below) of the supposed neurological test is not conclusive, though it is still a possibility.

Claims that Clinton has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease have long circulated, although they have never been taken seriously outside of conspiracy theory groups.

Similar concerns also emerged about the presidential candidate having suffered brain or neurological damage as a result of her 2012 diagnoses of a blood clot in her brain, which came after she collapsed due to dehydration and suffered concussion.

She had also suffered two previous blood clots, in 1998 and 2009, as well as suffering a fractured elbow in 2009 after suffering a fall.

Clinton also collapsed in January 2005, reportedly due to a GI virus.

The theories surrounding Hillary’s health continue to emerged, often many times during the news day. We do not anticipate any slow down during this crazy election season, and wonder how long Hillary will stay in the race.

Do you believe she will eventually withdraw or be replaced due to health reasons?



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