Police Restricted After BLM Starts Whining, Look What Happens Almost INSTANTLY – 3%

Police Restricted After BLM Starts Whining, Look What Happens Almost INSTANTLY

Black Lives Matter have been making outrageous demands in Chicago, including the restriction of law enforcement. Claiming that it will make them feel safer, BLM got exactly what they wanted and the bodies continue to pile up.

Why you ask? Because black on black violence is far more deadly than any police officer could ever do, and that’s a fact. As they continue to call for the demilitarization and disbandment of police, Chicago has become one of the most deadly areas in the U.S.

Blue Lives Matter points out, in a hypothetical situation, how the media could be to blame for twisting stories and forcing police to back off.

“Imagine for a moment that you are a police officer, and you see a group of known drug dealers blocking a sidewalk. Nearby residents can’t get through without walking in the street to get around them. You go up to talk to the people about blocking the sidewalk, and they greet you by cursing at you and telling you to leave. You could leave, which doesn’t solve the problem and allows these drug dealers to control the neighborhood, so instead you tell them to disperse. The dealers refuse to comply and tell you that they aren’t going anywhere.

You can try to talk to them some more, but you could talk until you are blue in the face and not get any reasonable response. You are left with no other reasonable option besides arresting them for not complying with your order to disperse. One of the dealers is a felon with a gun on him and he knows that you will find the gun if arrest him, so he reacts by drawing his gun on you. You respond by shooting him to defend your life. The headline in the paper the next day is about how you shot a man for standing on the sidewalk.”

While people with influence continue to amp up the BLM movement, demanding less police involvement, black on black violence continues to skyrocket to 91%. African Americans are 160 times more likely to be killed by their own than any cop.

Isn’t It really time BLM start to place the blame where it belongs and stop believing the lies the left has fed them?




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