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Read Russell Wilson’s Reason for Not Joining Kaepernick’s Flag Stance

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson responded to the Colin Kaepernick controversy of him not standing for the national anthem. Here are his thoughts on the matter.

From Independent Journal Review:

Wilson continued…

“I do think there’s always issues in our country. I think ultimately it comes back to love. Like I said to you guys before, it comes back to loving one another and appreciating one another. Understanding that we’re not perfect but we need to be equal. And that’s from the black community, from the white community, that’s from police officers to everybody to all of our military to everybody that we get to recognize and see — have great appreciation for what this country is based on — and what it should be based on.

It should be based on equality. It should be based on people having freedom of speech — people can have that decision. And so, I understand what (Kaepernick’s) doing. But at the same time for me, I can also think about where we need to go and where our thoughts need to be. It needs to be about love, about caring about one another. And that’s for every community, every situation, every socio-economic status.”

Good luck

Russell Wilson and his fiance were planning to have their wedding in North Carolina but decided to move locations due to the law prohibiting transgenders from entering any bathroom they choose. As stupid as that is, at least he understands the importance of our flag and what it stands for. Good luck in the upcoming season Russell!

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