Rush Says “It’s Panic Time” For Democrats In A BIG Way – 3%

Rush Says “It’s Panic Time” For Democrats In A BIG Way

First, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called Republican rival Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Next, she collapsed at the 9/11 commemoration in New York City.

Now, Rush Limbaugh said, “it’s panic time” for Democrats.

“But whatever happened yesterday, they had to broom that,” he continued. “They had to get her out of there before the ground transportation, the van, before the van even showed up, and she was waiting for a few minutes. Maybe it was one minute or a little less. But that’s a huge violation of protocol.”

“Here you have a woman who we know the latest allegations and the speculation and now the admissions about her illness, and the one thing that’s been curious about this is the people with her, her support staff, whenever something like this happens, don’t seem to think it’s anything unusual,” Limbaugh added. “Like yesterday, they didn’t take her to the hospital. They took her to Chelsea’s place. And that’s a major event that happened yesterday.”

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