[SHOCKING] Legal Expert Reveals The Truth Of A Possible Third Term For Obama – 3%

[SHOCKING] Legal Expert Reveals The Truth Of A Possible Third Term For Obama


A legal expert has written a piece that scares me, and should scare every American.

Constitution Rising:

The 22nd Amendment made it impossible for President Obama to run for a third term. However, if Hillary’s health forces her to abdicate between the election and inauguration, it could open up a window for Obama.

“There’s been quite a bit of discussion over the past few weeks about the bizarre behavior of Hillary Clinton,” Wells wrote.

“The talk of her early departure has intensified along with her coughing fits and absences from the campaign trail. She’s clearly not well and her history of brain injuries have prompted speculation that she may not last or be up to the rigors of either the campaign or the presidency. A common opinion among many is she is exhibiting symptoms and behavior associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

“The developments of Sunday have made the possibility of her departure seem more certain,” he added.

“Obama is unpredictable but it is somewhat reassuring to know that the mechanisms are in place for a peaceful and orderly response to a situation in which Hillary Clinton is forced out of the race,” Wells continued. “As depressing and ruinous as the prospect of a parasitic Democrat in the White House for another four years would be, we can at least take comfort in knowing that there is a system in place to address the transfer of power question. Or can we?”

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This is a real possibility, and something that is so scary. Obama has caused so much damage, and a 3rd term would give him infinite power, and if we don’t realize this is a real possibility, well we can kiss America goodbye. November is getting scarier and scarier. This Armageddon scenario is most likely not going to happen, but it is possible.

H/T: GOP The Daily Dose

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