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Student Writes 7 Seductive Words On A Post-It Note, Teacher Now Faces Jail

It is hard to believe that it all started with a Post-it Note written by a teen…

A former teacher who has been accused of having sex with a student ‘almost every day’ for six months claims she was seduced by the post-it notes that the 17-year-old left for her during classes.

Mary Beth Haglin, 24, was a substitute teacher at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when she reportedly fell in love with a teenage student.

“I love you so much my empress,” read one of the notes, reportedly. Another was a doodle of a heart.

From love notes on his behalf to racy selfies from her, the ex-teacher allegedly responded to the romantic gestures by sending the student explicit images of herself in her underwear. Reports claim that things soon turned more physical.

Haglin confessed that she and the student started having sex in her car, and that the habit continued for six months.

The affair became public when they couple was caught by another student.

The substitute English teacher showed Inside Edition the raunchy photos she sent to the student during their 6-month relationship. Haglin turned herself in to authorities in July. Speaking to Inside Edition, she expressed remorse. “I never thought it would get this far,” she said.

Watch below:

Now Haglin faces up to two years of jail time.

The student was 17-years-old at the time of the relationship. While Mary Beth Haglin should not be allowed to teach any longer, do you believe she should go to jail? She has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.


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