Student Burns Classmate’s American Flag, He’s in for a Rude Awakening When Police Find Out

Ben Schofield, a student at Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah, always drove a truck to school with the American flag flying on the back.

But on Thursday, Scholfield’s friend sent him a Snapchat message letting him know that the flag had been set on fire in the parking lot.

 “I had the flag flying normally,” Scholfield told KSTU-TV. “He took a picture and was like, ‘Merica or whatever, and then I get another one maybe an hour or so later, and he’s like, ‘Someone burned your flag.’”
Image source: KSTU-TV
It was another one of Scholfield’s classmates who initially noticed the blaze and managed to put it out, but not without the fire leaving damage to both the flag and Scholfield’s truck. Scholfield said the first thing he did after learning of what happened was call the school.

He said school officials told him they were looking into what happened.

“I was pretty mad. I was pacing back and forth,” Scholfield said.

His classmates then banded together in show of support and patriotism, deciding to fly Old Glory from each of their vehicles.

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