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Teacher Dismissed For Sex With Student Makes Astonishing Career Change

She was fired and charged for a relationship with a 17-year-old. A girl still has to make a living…

Mary Beth Haglin, a 24-year-old substitute teacher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has been charged with sexual exploitation for a wrongful relationship with 17-year-old student.

Haglin was arrested on July 22 after an anonymous tipster reported the relationship to police. Haglin claims her former employer let her teach for months after she was let go, and was not prevented from applying for other teaching jobs.

The former teacher was ordered to stay away from the boy until the trial on November 14th, but she was recently caught speaking to him at a local Gentleman’s Club. Which raises an interesting question. What were the two of them doing at a strip club?

It is no surprise that a young boy would occasionally venture into an establishment such as the one in question. The surprise came when an organization called CrimeWatch discovered Ms. Haglin working there as a “dancer.”

CrimeWatch reports:

We caught her speaking to the boy for 30 minutes at the strip club. When confronted, she was clearly panicked and attempted to play down the meeting.

She said: “There’s a court order that says that I can’t have any contact with him. So regardless of how I felt, I wouldn’t want to see him.”

Credit: CrimeWatchDaily

They then asked how she felt about the boy.

She said: “You have to remember, when (the relationship) was all happening, I didn’t see him as a student. I saw it as a real relationship. When I was, essentially, dating a student.”

Check out a video describing the events, below:



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