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The Breastfeeding Yoga Mom That CRUSHED The Internet

Everything is bigger in Texas, including this mother’s breastfeeding abilities!

Carlee Benear, mother of three and yoga expert, is taking her message of health and beauty to Instagram, and everyone who sees her photos is blown away.

✨Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.✨ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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This woman is incredible. How about these incredible poses while pregnant?

Carlee first started doing yoga after Cale was born when she said as a stay-at-home mother she ‘needed some kind of release’.
She continued practicing while she was pregnant with Maramaylee and now, just a month giving birth, she is once again performing challenging poses – while simultaneously nursing her daughter.

She also involves her other two children Milam, five, and Cale, two, in meditation who she said ‘love’ yoga.

She told Daily Mail Online: ‘Yoga was the best discovery for me and my family. My practice took off, I embarked, with my children, on an incredible journey of self discovery.

Carlee is truly an inspiration to men and women alike. Do you agree?



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