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Third Grade Boy With Disability Served Restraining Order at School

An 8 year old boy with learning disabilities was served a restraining order while in class today. Peyton Whitehead is being accused of threatening a family of children that live a few doors down. So far, what the actual threats were, have yet to be said. The boys parents know that they had been in a few disputes with the family but never guessed that this would be the outcome. The boys parents are now being forced to homeschool as a result.

Peyton Whitehead was also threatened with juvenile detention should he come within 1000 ft of the family. Whatever happened to kids hashing it out on the playground and calling it a day?

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) – An 8-year-old Jefferson County boy was removed from his third grade class at Hillsboro Elementary on September 8 and was issued a restraining order by a deputy.

According to his mother, Peyton Whitehead is not allowed to return to school or even leave his home under the threat of arrest.

The ex-parte order does not allow Peyton within 1,000 feet of the children who live in a home on his block outside of Hillsboro.

The father who filed the paperwork says that Peyton has made threats against his children.  Both parents admit they have been feuding in recent months.


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