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Tinder Date From Hell: Why You NEVER Get On A Boat On First Date

This woman agreed to go on a guy’s boat, and somehow lived to regret the decision!

Kayla had been flirting with a guy she met on Tinder for about 6 months. She was never really interested, but when he invited her onto his boat for Labor Day, she finally gave in and agreed to meet him.

“When I got there I could tell something was up because he was kind of standoffish, which seemed weird considering he’d been trying to get a date with me for six months and had sent five texts that morning confirming I was going to be there,” Hutch told the Daily Dot. “However, I thought he was just shy so I went on the boat. There were about 20 women and 5 men on the boat, so I ended up talking to some 21-year-olds. I asked how they knew the guys and they said they’d met Emad on Tinder and this was the first time they’d gotten together.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 8.29.00 AM

Kayla knew she had made a massive mistake, so she started documenting the entire event and posting the videos to Facebook.

Take a look:

Kayla’s friends, back on dry land, were a little worried about her, and started a “Where’s Kayla?” campaign online. Kayla responded by giving out her date’s instagram address, and the hilarity escalated.

wheres kayla comments

She even broadcasted on Facebook Live, “If there is anyone on Lake Michigan, please come and save me!”

Fortunately there were other boats in the area, and, along with another angry passenger (one of the other girls!), Kayla found rescue.

The morale of the story? While there are a lot of nice people on Tinder, there are plenty of weirdos as well. Avoid getting trapped on a first date, and let people know where you are going.

We are glad Kayla is okay, and this is just one more Tinder story that we can make fun of!


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