US State Officially Approves Reparations for Blacks – 3%

US State Officially Approves Reparations for Blacks


According to reports, a group of commissioners from Dallas passed a resolution that commemorated the day slaves in Texas earned their freedom.

My family for instance did not immigrate until the year 1913 from Sicily. My ancestors had a rough life, and had nothing to do with American slavery. Where are my reparations for the hardships Italian-Americans had to deal with?

Breitbart recently reported that Commissioner John Wiley Price authored the resolution. It “included a long list of injustices endured by blacks, from slavery to Jim Crow to predatory lending practices.

Then, in its final paragraph, it declared that the suffering of African-Americans should be ‘satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations.’”

Reports indicate that Price wrote the resolution after he read an article outlining why American should pay reparations to black people.

The resolution passed. An hour later, the commissioners complained that they had not seen the language in the bill.

What do you think? Are black Americans owed reparations for events that occurred more than a century ago?


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