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[VIDEO] Black Athlete Superstars DESTROY Black Lives Matter

Cam Newton, Michael Jordan, Robert Griffin III, Benjamin Watson: They all CRUSH Black Lives Matter! Watch below:

The violent riots in Charlotte are horrifying, unjust and unnecessary, and now more black athletes are coming forward to speak out against the atrocities.

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson said on “The Kelly File” tonight that the police shootings of black men in Tulsa and Charlotte give us an opportunity to openly discuss the issue of policing and race in America.

“One of the biggest things that we have to be able to do is handle conflict and handle it correctly,” Watson said. “[When] we’re able to look at our biases, look at our frustrations, look at our sin in this area, our pride and our selfishness, it allows us to move forward.”

He explained that when people divide themselves up into groups and call each other names or engage in violence, it doesn’t help anyone.

“What we’re seeing here in Charlotte is wrong,” Watson stated. “There shouldn’t be any looting or anything like that, but what we’re seeing is a lot of frustration.”

He said that America can only move forward with a nationwide change of heart, and there’s only one way to achieve that.

“Obama can’t save us. Mrs. Clinton can’t save us. Mr. Trump can’t save us. The only one who can change the heart of man is the Lord.”

Watch the interview below:

North Carolina Panther’s Quarterback Cam Newton spoke recently on the issue:

From the NBA, the Greatest of All Time, and owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, let his voice be heard:

Robert Griffin III, Quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, took to Instagram with this message, apparently targeting the rioters in Charlotte:

?? All love, no hate

A photo posted by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) on



Certainly, police officers nationwide are doing far more good than they are harm, even during the controversial situations. Take a look at what Charlotte cops have been up to during the riots.

Charlotte has been in shambles for three days now in the aftermath of the Keith Scott shooting. Police have been out in full force to deal with the chaos.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Business owners and workers who have been affected were still in the process of cleaning things up, but things were being made a little easier by the brave men and women who were the very target of the riots — the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Dave Fahrety of WSOC-TV had gone into the city with his camera to see what was happening and couldn’t believe it when he saw policemen not only protecting the people who were cleaning up, but stopping to help them.

Superstar athletes hold quite a bit of credibility in the community. Hopefully, their stance will resonate with people, and we can begin to work out our differences without violence.


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