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[VIDEO] Hillary’s Hard-To-Believe Explanation Of ‘Dizziness NOT Passing Out’

It is a legitimate question, asked to Hillary directly. Do you think she is telling the truth?

Just one day after Hillary’s medical breakdown, Anderson Cooper asked her how many times she has passed out in the last five years. She started with a clear response, “Twice.”

Later in the interview, Hillary goes on to say that she ignored her doctors advice and attended the 9/11 Memorial, where she overheated. She says that she recovered almost immediately once inside the air conditioned van.

Perhaps the most telling moment in the interview came when Cooper asked if she actually passed out before being helped into the van on 9/11. Shockingly, she says that she did not pass out, she was just dizzy.

Slow motion video of the incident indicates otherwise. Take a look below.

Another zoomed-in video has caused some to believe that she was actually out cold!

A look at the full interview with Anderson Cooper offers the opportunity to listen to her tone of voice as she makes these statements.

So on 9/11/16, they drug her into the van, then, reportedly, violated Secret Service protocol by not taking her to a trauma center or Emergency Room.

Do you believe that Hillary is telling the truth about her fainting, and more importantly, the events at the 9/11 Memorial? Her explanations seem questionable at best.

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