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[VIDEO] Jihadi Tailgating BBQ Interrupted By Fast-Moving Precision Missile

I have seen College Football tailgaters get pretty crazy, but nothing like this!

Reportedly, a group of terrorists was celebrating in Aleppo, partying and carrying on with the tailgate of an SUV as their party hub.

Unfortunately, for them, they were targeted by a Russian Kornet missile.

The Kornet is a Russian-made missile used for precision ground attacks. This video proves that the missile works well, and has earned the right to be called a “precision” missile.

The video claimed that there were 20 Hezbollah Shiia fighters killed or injured during the attack, which reportedly took place in Kfir Abeid, Southern Aleppo, on Aug. 9.

The video is a bit graphic. Watch below:

According to video uploader, 20 Hezbollah Shiia fighters killed or injured by this strike in kfir abeid, Southern Aleppo 08.09.2016


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