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[VIDEO] Man Steals From 93-Year-Old Woman’s Bra, Gets His KARMA

She was 93-years-old, in a wheelchair, and had just cashed her $600 pension check… 

Watch below:

How did he know that she had hidden the money in her bra? Evidently, this thief had watched the elderly lady cash her pension check, so he followed her in to the store. Clearly, he did not realize that his disgusting burglary was being captured, in vivid detail, on surveillance video.

The woman’s name is Maria Vasquez, and she remains in good spirits after the traumatic event. She told reporters, through an interpreter, that she hopes the thief is punished.

Police used the surveillance footage to track down the 26-year-old and arrest him.

Residents call the man a “loser” and will likely be on the prowl against him in the future.

It is not clear at this time if Maria will recover her $600 monthly pension. We hope authorities are able to help her.

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